• Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Extremities Specialist
  • Soul Supports - Orthotics
  • Performance & Functional Movement - RockTape
  • ​Spinal Decompression

Dr. Bunin encourages parents to bring their children in for regular adjustments. To make chiropractic care more affordable, Dr. Bunin offers Family Care Plan.  With Family Care Plan, your children under age 10 receive adjustments at no cost, and any of your children ages 10-17 are half price for as long as your family is involved in a Preventative Care Program with Dr. Bunin.  

This is provided because, as a mom, Dr. Bunin knows how important it is for kids to stay healthy in order to learn, grow, and flourish.

Dr. Bunin's services include:

The Family Care Program

Bunin Family Health

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